Staff List

Staffing Structure - 2021/22 CTK (Autumn Term)

EYFS & Key Stage One Department

Foundation Stage

Class Teachers: Mrs Anne Marie Schofield (R) and Mrs Beth Nagy (N)
Support Assistants: Mrs Shelly Uttley, Miss Gaynor Reid

Key Stage One
Year 1

Class Teacher: Miss Rebecca Calvert
Year 1 Support: Mrs Jenny Kirkham
One to One SSA : Mrs Gillian Mckellar

Year 2

Class Teacher: Miss Lauren Jackson
Year 2 Support: Miss Becki McKay

Key Stage Two Department

Year 3 Class Teacher: Mr John Hatjoulis
Year 3 Support: Mrs Emma Lund
Year 4 Class Teacher: Mr Tony Mitchell
Year 4 Support: Mrs Josephine Lewis
Year 5 Class Teacher: Miss Vicky Smith
Year 5 Support: Mrs Teresa Kennerley
One to One SSA: Mr Martyn Kenyon & Mrs Joan Kenyon
Year 6 Class Teacher: Miss Laura Hilton
Year 6 Support: Miss Pauline Ashwood

Senior Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer: Mrs Helen O’Neill
Executive Headteacher: Mrs Sarah Smith
Executive Assistant Principal: Miss Heather Martin
Assistant Headteacher/S.E.N.D.C.O: Mr Daniel Flannigan-Salmon
Assistant Headteacher: Mr Matt Collins (KS2 Lead)
Key Stage Team Leader (EYFS/KS1): Mrs Anne Marie Schofield
Safeguarding Leads: Mrs Sarah Smith or Miss Heather Martin
Safeguarding Deputies: Mr Matt Collins, Mr Daniel Flannigan-Salmon
Statutory Assessment Lead: Miss Heather Martin

Administration Team

Administration Assistant: Vacancy
Headteacher’s Personal Assistant: Mrs Vikki Cullen

Planning Preparation and Assessment (PPA), Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT), Enhanced Continuing Professional Development (ECPD), Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) and Leadership Facilitators

Foundation: TBC
KS1: Mr Matt Collins
KS2: Mr Matt Collins and Mr Daniel Flannigan Salmon

Extended Provision Team

Extended Provision Club Leader: Mrs Monika Sladkiewicz
Breakfast Club Facilitators: Mrs Gilliann McKellar, Miss Becki Mckay
After School Club Facilitators: Mrs Amanda McNamee and Mr Martyn Kenyon, Mrs Sammy Brown

Children and Families Support Team

Family Support Managers: Miss Lyndsay Truelove (Mon, Tues,Wed) Miss Amy Murphy (Thurs, Fri)
EAL Support: Mrs Monika Sladkiewicz
Pupil Welfare Officer: Mr Eddie Matthews

Caretaking and Cleaning

Site Supervision: St Mary’s SLA
Cleaners: Bullough’s SLA

Special Needs and Behaviour Support Team

Support Assistant: Mrs Katie Roney (SALT) (Maternity Leave)
Support Assistant: Mrs Monika Sladkiewicz (EAL)
SSA Level 3: Mrs Josephine Lewis (Intervention)
SHINE Support and Intervention: Mrs Tracey Park

Welfare Assistants/Lunchtime Support Staff - To Be Confirmed

Mrs Gilliann McKellar - Year
Mrs Jenny Kirkham – Year
Miss Becki McKay – Year
Mr William Greenhalgh - Year
Miss Carla Downes – Year
Mrs Amanda McNamee – Year
Mrs Dawn Boylan – Year

Lunchtime Support Staff Supervision - To Be Confirmed

Monika Sladkiewicz, Emma Lund, Pauline Ashwood, Teresa Kennerley, Shelly Uttley