Staff List

Foundation Stage Unit

Teachers  Miss Frankie Greenhalgh
Mrs. Beth Nagy
Mrs Anne-Marie Schofield
Support Assistant    Mrs. Jenny Kirkham
Mrs. Shelly Uttley
Miss Gaynor Reid
EAL Support Mrs. Monika Sladkiewicz

Key Stage One

Year 1 Class Teacher    Miss Rebecca Calvert
Year 1 Support  Miss Becki McKay
Year 2 Class Teacher  Miss Lauren Jackson
Year 2 Support  Mrs. Emma Lund

Key Stage Two Department

Year 3 Class Teacher Miss Laura Hilton
Year 3 Support Miss Pauline Ashwood
One to One SSA Mr. Martin Kenyon
Mrs. Joan Kenyon
Year 4 Class Teacher    Mr. John Hatjoulis
Year 4 Support  Mrs. Donna Smith
Year 5 Class Teacher  Mrs. Robyn Eaves
Year 5 Support  Mrs. Teresa Kennerley
Year 6 Class Teacher Mr. Matt Collins / Miss Victoria Smith
Year 6 Support Mrs. Josephine Lewis

Senior Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer Mrs. Helen O'Neill
Executive Head Teacher Mrs. Sarah Smith
Executive Assistant Principle Miss Heather Martin
Assistant Head Teacher & SENDCO Mr. Daniel Flannigan-Salmon (KS2 Lead)
Assistant Head Teacher Miss Frankie Greenhalgh (EYFS & KS1 Lead)
Mr Matt Collins (KS2 Lead)
Safeguarding Leads Mrs. Sarah Smith or
Miss Heather Martin
Safeguarding Deputy Miss Frankie Greenhalgh
Mr Matt Collins
Mr Daniel Flannigan-Salmon
Statutory Assessment Lead Miss Heather Martin

Administration Team

Administration Assistant  Beth Simmons 
Head Teacher's Personal Assistant    Mrs. Vikki Cullen 

Planning Preparation and Assessment Time (PPA) and Newly Qualified Teacher Time (NQT) Facilitators

KS1  Miss Heather Martin
Mrs Anne-Marie Schofield
Mr. Daniel Flannigan-Salmon
KS2  Mr. Daniel Flannigan-Salmon
Mrs. Laura Higgins
Miss Victoria Smith

Extended Provision Team

Breakfast Club Leader  Mrs Monika Sladkiewicz 
Breakfast Club Facilitators  Mrs. Teresa Kennerley (1 day)
Mrs. Gilliam McKellar (4 days)
Miss Becki McKay
After School Club Facilitators    Mrs. Amanda McNamee
Mr Martin Kenyon
Mrs Sammy Brown

Children and Families Support Team

Family Support Managers Miss Lyndsay Truelove (Tue/Wed/Thu)
Miss Amy Murphy (Mon/Tue/Fri)
School Nurse   
EAL Support  Mrs. Monika Sladkiewicz
Pupil Welfare Officer  Mr. Eddie Matthews 

Caretaking and Cleaning

Site Supervision    St. Mary's SLA 
Cleaners  St. Mary's SLA 

Special Needs and Behaviour Support Team

Support Assistant Mrs Katie Roney (SALT)
Mrs. Monika Sladkiewicz (EAL) 
Teacher  Mr. Daniel Salmon (SENDCO Intervention)
SSA Level 3 Mrs. Josephine Lewis (Intervention)
SHINE Support and Intervention     

Welfare Assistants

Reception    Mrs. Jenny Kirkham
Year 1  Miss Becki McKay
Year 2  Mr. William Greenhalgh
Year 3 Mrs. Amanda McNamee
Year 4 Mrs. Dawn Boylan
Year 5 Mrs. Josephine Lewis / Mrs. Teresa Kennerley
Year 6 Mrs. Gilliann McKellar
  Carla Downes

Lunchtime Support Staff Supervision

Early Years Foundation Stage    Mrs. Jenny Kirkham
Mrs. Monika Sladkiewicz
Year 1 and 2  Mrs. Emma Lund
Year 3 and 4  Miss Pauline Ashwood
Year 5 and 6  Mrs. Teresa Kennerley

1:1 Support

  Natalie Pugh
Claire Higginson
Carla Downes